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What to Know Before you Visit

While making a reservation online, the notes section is only for stating food allergies, or to inform management your party is celebrating a special occasion,

such as a birthday or anniversary.


The notes section is not to be used to change the time of the reservation nor for increasing the size of the party. Any notes to do with either of these things,

may result in cancellation of the reservation. Always call and ask to speak with a manager if you are unable to reserve the time and table you desire,

and they will do their best to help you.


If you have a reservation with us and the size of your party changes, please contact us within 24 hours so that we may accommodate your request when possible. Due to the size of our dining spaces, we cannot guarantee seating at your reserved time if there is a last minute change to your party size. After 15 minutes, the reservation is cancelled and you are welcome to join us as a walk-in guest. 

We understand some evenings are best celebrated with a special dessert or entire birthday cake, however please note we are unable to safely store or refrigerate such items. As well, we do apply a $3.50++ per person fee for staying in the restaurant to enjoy treats not from our dessert offerings; please inquire with a manager at time of reservation.

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Patio Seating

We will always do our best to accommodate patio requests; however, we can not guarantee outdoor seating due to limited space. In order to accommodate as many requests as possible, we do enforce a 2 hour limit for parties of 4 or fewer on the patio. After your two hour limit, you are welcome to move inside (when available) or to open seats at the bar. For parties of 5 or larger, there is a 2.5 hour limit for patio seating. 


While our patio is covered, it is subject to closure without notice based on weather conditions.

Large Parties

For parties of 5 or more, all guests must be present in order to be seated at your table. Final head-counts are required upon arrival and the table will be adjusted to only accommodate the headcount that is given to our hosts. Any more guests who arrive after the party is seated, are not guaranteed seating in the same area. A credit card on file is required for parties of 5 or more, as well 24 hours notice if needing to cancel. If notice is not received there is a $25 per person charge. Please note, 20% gratuity is added to parties of 5 or more.

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